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Fire Prevention


  1. Smoke Alarms Save Lives - Install and maintain them. Test them often to make sure they work. Replace the batteries at least twice a year when you change your clock for daylight savings.

  2. Smoking and drinking are a lethal combination. Careless smoking is a leading cause of fire. Don’t empty ashtrays into the trash.

  3. Keep matches, lighters and candles away from children.

  4. Be careful with candles. Don’t leave them unattended. Never sleep with candles burning.

  5. Remove electrical cords from under rugs and behind radiators. Never nail or staple the cord to walls or molding.

  6. Never overload outlets and extension cords.

  7. Never put a portable space heater near drapes, furniture, bedding or other flammable materials.

  8. Move flammable liquids stored near the stove or other heat source to a safe, distant location.

  9. Remove all materials on or near your stove that could catch fire, including paper, dishcloths, etc.

  10. Early notification can make all the difference - in case of fire, call 9-1-1.

  11. Have a home fire escape plan. Develop a home escape plan with your family in case of fire. Practice it. Have a prearranged meeting place somewhere outside. If need help with setting up a escape plan call the Fayetteville Fire and EMS. We will give you advice or come help set it up with your family

What happens if I catch fire?


Always Remember to Stop, Drop, Cover, and Roll!

The stop, drop, cover, and roll method is the most effective way of putting out clothing that has caught fire. Learn the simple steps and practice today!

If your clothes catch on fire:
STOP – Stop where you are, never run!


DROP – Drop down to the floor or ground.


COVER – Cover your face with your hands.


ROLL – Roll back and forth many times until the fire is out!


What are the rules and regulations

for an open burn?


Click here to find out for the State of Ohio EPA

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